Our approach for offering our SmartX bank the greatest banking software development services

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Banking Software Development Services
Banking Software Development Services

Our approach for offering our SmartX bank the greatest banking software development services

Our SmartX Bank (Client Product):

For cooperative banks, credit societies, credit unions, SACCOs, and microfinance organizations, our client SmartX Bank offers a full core banking platform. SmartX Bank CBS and other auxiliary modules aim to enable developing banks to improve their capabilities relative to big private or nationalized banks. Better features, modules, and technology are regularly added to SmartX Bank, including our newest products such as the online banking solution, mobile app, internet banking, and business intelligence module.

The challenge:

For SmartX Bank, our client started looking for a provider who offers software development services since it was driven to build user-centric applications and customize dashboards accordingly. With the aid of cutting-edge banking software development, SmartX Bank’s vision aims to assist banking platforms and achieve cost-effectiveness at scale. They, therefore, require a partner with expertise in banking software teams who has experience working for and with multinationals.

The SmartX bank was unsustainable due to the high maintenance costs, lack of flexibility, and lax security. Additionally, the banking platform’s confusing user interface required the company’s customer support personnel to field many calls. Obviously, the old portal was having a bad effect on customer happiness and the effectiveness of customer care. For these reasons, the business determined it was time to restructure the platform using banking software.

Our Solution:

The foundation of the new customer site for the financing company was already in place. The Smartx Bank hired us to supply extra features and move the user base based on our reputation as portal experts. This main site was divided into more customer-facing portals to support the company’s several credit brands. Every outlet was required to have a unique set of e-account management tools. Influential Software assisted by developing the single sign-on solution and the portal identity provider for all of the client’s portals. From there, we continued this software development project for banking by:

  • Creating an Angular-based, contemporary, and user-friendly front-end interface
  • Guaranteeing that all data is protected by government-grade security standards, FCA approval, and PCI compliance
  • Utilize cutting-edge technologies like Microsoft.NET platform, AWS Cloud and oracle as a database to automate the software delivery process
  • Millions of users will be transferred to the new in-house banking platform in their entirety.

Using a flexible shared services approach, we could support project requirements as they came in. During a subsequent restructure inside our client, our team switched to working directly with the client’s development team leaders, and this flexibility-first strategy paid dividends. So, the SmartX Bank’s largest ever software roll-out was our flawless migration of million users. We successfully completed this customer data migration and ensured a smooth transition to the new banking software development.

The excellent SmartX Bank benefits:

The following advantages were provided by this SmartX Bank portal development project, which was a key component of the finance company’s new digital strategy:

  • A dramatic decrease in customer service calls as a result of the user-friendly new interface
  • Bringing all user data in-house reduced risk and enhanced data security
  • Rapid software delivery using contemporary pipeline automation tools
  • Reduced maintenance expenses and a readily adaptable and extensible application

The banking company Zenkins was able to quickly roll out more brand-specific mobile apps thanks to their portal. The business was able to expand the scope of its consumer base as an excellent result. They knew exactly what their audience wanted in terms of additional amenities, and providing them was the best way to keep them satisfied and grow their customer base.

Future Plans and Results:

We assisted the SmartX Bank in creating software development to replace their outdated systems as an expert custom software developer for the banking and financial services sector. The client increased their software development resources at a tenth of the usual cost by drawing from our pool of offshore expertise. As a result, the SmartX Bank has been able to adapt to demand and take on new initiatives, like examining servers to cut manufacturing costs.

By introducing banking solutions with full functionality, including account management, payments, money transfers, and more, the bank has upgraded its services. It may now engage more clients, win their loyalty, and establish itself as the market leader in the financial sector. In the upcoming year, the customer and we agreed to extend their agreement. We take great pride in being a reliable partner and look forward to a lifelong partnership with our SmartX Bank.

Technologies and Tools

Microsoft .NET Platform, Oracle as database, MVC,  Web APIs, Web Services, Visual Studio 2019, Testing Tools, SOAP UI, Postman, Jira, Bitbucket, Selenium, etc.

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