Our excellent Hospital Management Information System for our client

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Hospital Management Information System
Hospital Management Information System

Our excellent Hospital Management Information System for our client


The end customer is one of the biggest Hospitals in Houston City in Texas USA.

Our client’s hospital has consistently been dedicated to providing high-quality care and has a robust infrastructure in place to support improvement initiatives. It lacked a systematic mechanism to interpret all the data, which may have contributed to better quality and shorter wait times. The hospital management realized that the data it needed for improvements was hidden in a mountain of paperwork it could not manage. Since the space in their current MRD section, where they housed their medical records, was already at a premium, they could not find another location to store new documents. The client has contacted us in an effort to find a helpful solution with this in mind. So our hospital management information system aids in the administration of clinical, financial, laboratory, inpatient, outpatient, pharmaceutical, and other hospital operations. The Hospital Management Information System allows healthcare professionals to concentrate more on giving patients high-quality care.


  • Hospital Information System that is robust, highly expandable, and highly customized
  • A complicated system was created for a client without prior knowledge of software outsourcing or documents.
  • Detailed communications for project management, questions, and requirements

What do clients want from us?

Our client was searching for a software provider that could deliver a complex, extensible, and customizable product made by reliable experienced developers at a reasonable cost. The intended outcome is comparable to a hospital information system in that it manages patient and physician information, enters a test and diagnostic results and offers particularly customized features Such as customizing layout, adding entire new tests with custom fields and customizing the report.

The challenge:

To simplify the acquisition of medical equipment and supplies, the Customer required a buy management solution. This client lacked project management and outsourcing experience because they were new. Without any specifications beyond a functioning application, our Customer struggled to explain necessary functionalities and could not provide prompt responses to inquiries. As a result, once the project got going, it was difficult for us to work together and advance the project because our tasks were ambiguous, and some of them were unnecessary. The intricacy of applications that can be customized is another difficulty. The requirement for customization caused a lot of issues and problems.

Results and solutions:

For this project, we choose a project manager with strong communication and requirement analysis skills. Our client received instruction on how to participate in project management activities, such as communicating his demands and examining our inquiries. Additionally, a mode of collaboration between the client and ourselves was established, in which the project manager would gather requirements and design functions and communicate understanding to other team members. We gathered our inquiries in one place, and when the client had the opportunity, we discussed them with him. This project has now returned to normal status after going through multiple iterations. Clients may easily locate the required information with the help of the enhanced search feature. The solution offers the Customer a reporting function that managers may use to thoroughly break down previous transactions over a specified period of time.

We paid a lot of time researching, testing, and comparing potential solutions for these specific customizable features before designing low-cost and effective mechanisms for them. For example, we used the Microsoft ASP.NET MVC solution to address the custom field function, the layout control to implement layout customization, and our solutions to address the custom report needs instead of the SQL Server report services. A simple and secure procure-to-pay management system that complies entirely with stringent healthcare system standards was provided to the Customer. Thanks to the solution, users can now manage purchase-related data, browse order records, and obtain thorough purchase reports for given time frames.

Advantages for the Client:

The best hospital management information system is a digital system that aids in managing patient health information at a healthcare facility. The development process has been kept under control, and the product has successfully been provided with the previously selected features thanks to proactive and adequate communication. Our client gained applications for ongoing improvement and successfully boosted end user’s confidence. The client saved 60 per cent on development costs and a significant amount of time because of our cost advantage over a development company.

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Technologies and Tools

Microsoft ASP.NET MVC, MS SQL Server, Reporting, Web Services, Visual Studio 2019, Testing Tools, SOAP UI, Postman, Jira, Bitbucket, etc.

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