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From 2013 onwards, we have been transforming businesses with powerful and adaptable digital solutions that meet the needs of today and unlock tomorrow's opportunities for millions of users.


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Absolutely. We have expertise in your entire tech stack.

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Discover How Zenkins, a Software Development Company, Can Help Your Business Grow

Their level of understanding, detail, and work ethic was great. We had 1 designer, 2 developers, a Project Manager, and a QA specialist. I am extremely satisfied with the end deliverables. Zenkins experts were always on time during the process.

Daniel Bertuccio CEO - Fintech Startup

We get great satisfaction working with them. They help us produce a product we’re happy with as co-founders. The feedback we got from customers was really great, too. Customers get what we do and we feel like we’re really reaching our target market.

John Boman CTO, Co-founder - Farm Digital

I'm working with Zenkins for a year already and I like that I don't need to go into detail describing every moment, team members are proactive and always open to sharing good ideas with us.

Kjell Garatun Project Manager - Jarbtech Insurance Group

Zenkins helped to build an amazing development team that eventually transformed into our Eastern European subdivision. The team that was built by Zenkins is very involved in the development and plays a significant role in growing our ERP product solution.

Finn Martinsen Product Owner - ERP Software Company

As the name and slogan suggest they are truly enterprise software development company and they resolve our business problem with help of custom software application build in .NET technology and we all love it. Highly recommended for small medium or large business or enterprise software applications.

P. M. Patel CTO Steel manufacturing

Zenkins Technologies - A one-stop destination for start-up, middle age, and large enterprises to build any kind of software application that helps to reduce human effort and improve the business process. They help us with the standard business website and online marketing. I like to give 5 star for the services.

Ammy Gajjar Fintech Start-up owner

Business problems are not easy and sometimes it's hard to find the best solution but technology help us to solve everything. To find the technical solution you must have technology partner and i.e Zenkins Technologies for us. Truly technical, highly recommended.

S. K. Saxena IT Manager Real estate

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    FAQ - What client ask frequently?

    Commonly Asked Questions About Software Outsourcing by Our Clients:

    We have only 2 models.

    • Monthly Basis
    • Weekly Basis

    Monthly Basis:

    • Monthly Basis we are providing Full time and Part time developer.
    • Monthly Basis – Full-time developer, 160 hours/Month, 40 hours/Week, Excluding Indian Holidays
    • Monthly Basis – Part time developer, 80 hours/Month, 20 hours/Week, Excluding Indian Holidays

    Weekly Basis:

    • Weekly Basis we are providing Full time and Part time developer.
    • Weekly Basis Full-time developer, 40 hours/Week
    • The weekly Basis Part time developer, 20 hours/Week
    • Hiring developers mean you are selecting individuals and you take care of their work. You need to individually assign them to work and the developers will provide you with the reports regarding the progress made (so far).
    • While hiring team means you are selecting an entire team which includes team leader and the developers. Here, the team leader is responsible for resources administration, entire project development monitoring and reporting to the client.
    • You will get daily work reports and timesheets from our dedicated developers. In case of hiring a team, TL from our company will keep you updated about the work done by reporting you frequently. You can also communicate with them via email/ skype/phone etc. On demand, we can also provide attendance report for hired developers.

    Since we only assign our in-house staff to work with your remote staff, we can offer you resumes for selection within 2 business days and assign them within one week of signing the contract.

    Although this is most unlikely, in case you have problems with your assigned developer regarding his performance or skills your first point of contact would be the service manager of Zenkins Technologies. The service manager mediates and tries to understand the problem and suggest the most favourable solution to it. If the problem is major then Top Management can also intervene. If required, it is also possible to change your developer.

    Yes, we do. We are fully committed to meeting clients’ operational requirements. We believe in delivering results, and if that is required to keep confidential, we are glad to sign the NDA.

    Every project is unique. A dedicated team is the best choice to carefully deal with your special requirements and features specified by your business needs, end-users, and personal preferences. Outsourcing your project to an offshore development team is delegating it to experts in the area who have established schemes for effective software development. The flexibility in managing and staffing an ODT guarantees high ROI and top-quality results.

    • You will be billed monthly/ weekly, based on the start date of your worker. You can pay this using PayPal, Wire Transfer or, any leading credit card.
    • If you are from India then you can pay using UPI, Net Banking, Paytm, Google Pay and all other supported paymet gateway.

    Yes, the assigned developer will work as your employee; therefore, if you have any existing team or have plans to hire more developers from another source, our developer will be working as a part of one team. He will also be responsible for tasks that will be assigned to him/her.

    • Dedicated and experienced developers/programmers working for you
    • Complete control over the project workflow
    • Developers showcase their innovation and creativity in your project
    • Quality Assurance and Risk Mitigation
    • No startup or hidden cost involved
    • Developers working as your in-house team
    • It is very simple. You can select the developer and we will create agreement as per our mutual understanding for mutually agreed time. You can hire the developer for minimum 3 months. You can extend the agreement as you like.

    Yes. The developer you hire, like all other regular employees, will work full-time (8 hours a day, 5 days a week) dedicating it only to you.

    There is no fixed length of contract as it totally depends on what agreement you are going with. We provide different options for your different requirements.

    We can do it at your request after settling all details. The payment (or a free option) depends on your pilot project requirements and scope. Contact our manager for more details.

    Zenkins ensures that each client gets timesheet reports along with complete access to the project management tool at a frequency decided by the client.