Our way to offer HealthCare CRM to our clients

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HealthCare CRM
HealthCare CRM

Our HealthCare CRM

The client’s healthcare business solutions serve small and medium-sized businesses. To assist them, we switched from a conventional RESTAPI software platform to a high-performance and scalable one. My SQL application with a rich client has a navigational interface and additional functionality. This modification was made better to serve their customers, the healthcare accreditation organization.

In order to lower product development costs and shorten the time it takes to market the healthcare CRM solution, our team assisted the client in designing and constructing high-performance, extensible, and scalable architecture by utilizing the current CRM framework and the best ReactJs technologies. The approach allowed the healthcare certification group to generate the most revenue while obtaining more flexibility and efficiency.

The challenges:

In order to enhance customer service, the client, a top provider of cloud-based healthcare CRM services, felt the need to switch its Customer Relationship Management system. In other words, the client’s healthcare platform had become awkward due to extensive modification, and it took far too long to implement new customizations. Our primary goal was to match the needs of its service and support organization to the best practices built into the healthcare CRM companies to optimize the long-term value of the healthcare CRM.

  • Data centralization will make it simple to maintain secure and up-to-date client information.
  • For all opportunity management, a seamless digitalocean cloud procedure is used.
  • Integration with Connecture, we offer a highly configurable quoting tool.
  • The capacity helps to integrate with other Microsoft technologies already in use.
  • Briefly describe the system integrations and application features included in each software release.
  • By providing a tool, you may arrange discussions with external organizations, give approximations on project timelines, and set organizational expectations.

Our solutions:

With the client’s cooperation, we could accomplish our shared objective of putting the most satisfactory solution into practice on schedule and a budget. The first step in the procedure was to map the features and elements of the previous CRM solution and specify how to merge them. Next, we described the integration’s scope and offered advice on integration architectural best practices for cloud integration, addressing integration errors, development methodology, and design templates. Additionally, our Zenkins was able to sync data in both directions with various backend systems. Then, we offered a plan for data migration that included creating and carrying out data imports and migrations.

Our Zenkins participated in all testing phases, including unit, integration, system, performance, user acceptance, and post-implementation validation testing, and supported the deployment operations to release the production application following the entire production deployment.

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The excellent benefits:

The capacity to consolidate their data into a single system was crucial for our clients. All of their data used to be dispersed among various platforms. Our Zenkins can quickly locate data from different group prospects and keep track of the life cycle, including activities, documentation, quotation, and renewal, thanks to the adoption of Dynamics CRM. Our Zenkins have implemented new procedures using Dynamics CRM, and all customer information and account files are now more than 95% paperless.

  • Utilization of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 mobile app
  • Comprehensive tool to manage interactions with clients and prospects
  • Complete transparency of team members’ interactions with customers
  • Full transparency to senior leadership
  • Performance evaluation

In order to track individual and group markets using their previous solution, We needed two different systems. We can follow broker, agency, and licensing performance across group and individual health care markets by integrating Dynamics CRM with Connecture, which enables our Zenkins to link all broker information to a single system.

Tools & Technologies:

  • Python, Django, ReactJS
  • My SQL
  • Digitalocean cloud
  • Visual Studio Code Editor

The best results:

We take pleasure in working with clients in our healthcare CRM industry. Our development team has significantly improved the fundamental concept of a family-focused lending solution to become an accessible, top-notch healthcare CRM system. Our ability to personalize the patient experience, improve internal and external communications, streamline internal processes, and perform other functions expands from this core role and affinity for technology integrations. The upgrade plan created by our expert has sped up procedures, enhanced app responsiveness, protected user data, and delivered a positive user experience for our clients. Finally, our Zenkins wealth of data provides actionable insights, from marketing and sales projections to HR, ultimately serving the patient’s interests.

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