Streamlining the Online Hotel Booking System Experience with Top-notch Technologies and Solutions

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Online Hotel Booking System
Online Hotel Booking System

Streamlining the Online Hotel Booking Experience with Top-notch Technologies and Solutions 

Online hotel booking systems have revolutionized the way people plan and book their travel accommodations. With the convenience of being able to browse and compare various hotels, rooms, and prices from the comfort of their own homes, more and more travelers are opting to book their accommodations online. At the same time, people also encounter problems with certain online booking platforms that lack authenticity, furnish inaccurate information, and suffer from poor user interface/user experience, making navigation difficult. This case study presents our recent collaboration with a client, where we helped enhance the appeal of their web and mobile application. Get to know more about how we successfully addressed these issues by reading this case study. 


Domain  Web & App 
Technologies  ASP.NET MVC, C#, SQL Server, Sabre API, Web API, Google Place API, Google Map API, .NET Framework 
Industry  Hospitality 
Country  USA 
Client Name  WeeklyHotels LLC 


About the Client is a niche online travel agency that specializes in providing hotel accommodation booking services for customers and businesses seeking hotels with weekly rates or rooms with kitchenettes. The company was established in 2013 and has a wealth of experience in the hospitality industry. 


Our role as a Software Company 

Zenkins utilized ASP.NET MVC to build an admin panel for a seamless user experience. The WeeklyHotel Admin Panel is designed to be lightweight and user-friendly, with a clean, polished interface and reliable, responsive performance. As a hospitality-focused solution, it is optimized for fast, customer-centric management. This allows both customers and businesses to quickly search for nearby hotels and generate receipts for bookings with ease, streamlining the reservation process for all stakeholders. 


Best features that you can count on 

  • Best Hotel Listing  
  • Best Offers & Discounts  
  • Easy Cancellation Policy  
  • Multiple Payment Options  
  • Property Hosting Facility  
  • Multiple Booking Option  
  • Receipt Generation 


The Problem 

The main issue faced by our client was that travelers seeking new experiences struggled to find their desired hotel/room, often settling for less-than-ideal options. 


The key objectives proposed by the company were: 

  • To change the interface so that the users should feel it easy to use. 
  • An option for users can to hotels they like and revisit later to view offers and amenities 
  • To make the navigation better 
  • An option for users to browse hotels without committing to specific travel dates  
  • To add the option to contact customer support if they encounter any booking issues 
  • To make all the payment options on one page 
  • An option for users can categorize and prioritize places to visit 
  • To provide all necessary information about the hotel, including details and photos, readily accessible on the hotel details page 


The challenges that we turned into opportunities 

The challenge faced was to create a digital platform that enhances the overall travel experience and promotes a healthier lifestyle for users in the travel industry. The aim was to improve the user’s interactions with booking, ordering, and traveling through the creation of a seamless search process. 


Our Best Solution 

We developed a user-friendly website to streamline the process of searching for and booking hotel rooms, enhancing the overall user experience. We focused more on: 

  • Incorporated a simple and stylish design with appealing color schemes and clear font sizes. 
  • Included a “Like” or “Save” button for each hotel to allow users to easily keep track of their preferred options. 
  • Located the “Save,” “Booking,” and “Profile” buttons at the bottom of the page for user convenience. 
  • Included a “Travel with us” category to help users easily find destinations that align with their priorities. 
  • Implemented a two-click process for selecting check-in and check-out dates, as well as easy options to add or remove guests and rooms. 
  • Displayed detailed information on hotel pages including photos, amenities, description, ratings, location, share options, discounts, coupons, and user reviews. 
  • Provided a range of online payment options all on one page. 


The technologies we relied on to make this happen 

ASP.NET MVC, C#, SQL Server, Sabre API, Web API, Google Place API, Google Map API, .NET Framework 


User flow of the application 

User Flow - Online Hotel Booking System

The user flow of the WeeklyHotel booking system typically consists of the following steps: 

Search: The user visits the website/app and uses the search function to find available hotels based on criteria such as location, dates, number of guests, and room type. 

Filter and sort: Users can apply filters and sort the results to narrow down their options based on preferences such as price, ratings, and amenities. 

View hotel details: The user clicks on a hotel to view detailed information such as photos, descriptions, room options, amenities, and user reviews. 

Booking: The user selects the desired room and dates and proceeds to the booking page where they provide their personal and payment information. 

Confirmation: After successful payment, the user receives a confirmation of their booking, including a receipt and details of their stay. 

Manage booking: User can access their booking information, make changes or cancel their reservation, if needed, through their user account or the website’s manage booking section. 


Our Client Says… 

We are fully satisfied with the work completed by Zenkins. These guys bring exceptional talent to the table and have become instrumental in the ongoing enhancement of our online booking platform – They pretty much deliver all of their assigned work on time and within budget. As a result of my positive experience with Zenkins, I’d like to underwrite that our business partnership is ongoing. 

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