Why Indian companies looking to expand in Canada?

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Why Indian companies looking to expand in Canada?
Why Indian companies looking to expand in Canada?

Why Indian companies looking to expand in Canada?

Invest in Canada

There are more than one million Indian-origin immigrants in Canada. But compared to the rising number of Indian-origin immigrants, Indian investment has not kept pace in Canada. However, slowly but steadily, Indian investments are trickling into the Canadian economy.

Economic stability has become key to Canada’s success and is decisive in attracting investors from all over the world to its shores. Investment in Canada is considered a safe haven for investors’ hard-earned money and continues to represent a solid foundation for future growth and prosperity.

Stewart Beck, President, Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada, said, “Canada is a recognized global leader in machine learning and digital innovation. Canadian immigration policies and startup environment have attracted highly qualified technology talent and savvy investors from around the World making Canada an excellent choice for Indian entrepreneurs to establish their beachhead for growth in North American and European markets.”

Why Canada?

Canadians are very knowledgeable about India and its information technology-related successes. India is no longer a nation of beggars and snake- charmers in the minds of a younger generation of Canadian citizens. The growth of the Indian software industry has made a big mark on the Canadian psyche.

We are looking to expand in Canada

At Zenkins Technologies we are also looking to expand our IT business in Canada and we want to be a part of Canada Economic. For now, we are looking for a business partner to start our business in Canada, and in this way, we want to be part of machine learning and digital innovation.

If you or anyone from your connection looking for an IT solution provider, please contact us. We are always ready to help businesses with a technological solution.

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